Photographix has been a leading photographic studio in Australia for over 30 years.
Andrew Payne is the Director and primary photographer and is backed by a team of talent when needed.
Being one of the first fully digital studios in Australia, Photographix has always held a position at the
forefront of technology.

At Photographix we specialise in lifestyle photography - food, wine, product, people, architecture and interiors. With our expertise in this area and with the growth of 3D technology, Photographix is expanding it's range of quality professional photography into both 2D and 3D. At Photographix we believe in the unlimited depths of an image.

Photography -  food & wine, books and eBooks, advertising, architecture, products and more.
3D Photography - embrace the future with 2 eyes open.
Video - enhance your marketing, service promotions and web sites.
Studio hire - studio, kitchen, cameras and overhead Broncolor lighting.
Film location - riverside acreage with 120 year old school house and headmaster's cottage.