Laterally inverted for cross-eye viewing

3D Photography/Stereoscopic 3D           

As one of Australia's leading photographic studios, Photographix has embraced 3D photography to remain at the forefront of technology and provide clients with greater marketing options.
3D Photography or Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) is positioned to become a major tool for marketers in areas such as
cinema advertising, television and autostereo (glasses-free) personal devices over the coming years.

We can shoot in 2D and 3D so that your product will be good for now and even better for later.

Laterally inverted for cross-eye viewing

3D Images to Order
We can shoot 3D images to your design. You send a sketch of what you need and we'll quote on building a Real 3D photograph or short video. You'll be able to buy it as First or Second rights or World Exclusive copyright.

Imagine your image popping out of an iPad in the future with your logo floating above.