Film Location

The Photographix studio in Darawank NSW is an ideal location for the film industry.
It is located beside the magnificent Wallamba river on over 2 acres of privately owned
property. The setting includes a fully renovated and furnished heritage schoolhouse
built in 1891 and a large schoolmaster's residence built in 1907 (currently under
restoration) with beautiful living and dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchen.

The property is backed by a huge wall of native trees as a backdrop to a duck pond and
cottage office. There is plenty of room to set up tents, park trucks and catering vans and
space to store lighting and camera equipment. Tuncurry and Forster are only a 5 minute

drive away.

Features of the studio include:
• Restored heritage schoolhouse built in 1891
• Small kitchen attached to studio
• Large original fireplace
• Blackboard and some school furniture
• 4 high sash windows with white or blackout black blinds.

Equipment of studio includes:
Broncolor lighting - suspended from the high ceiling on movable rails
• Remote handset controllers
• Large format studio digital camera
Nikon cameras
• Dual 3D rig
• Overhead lighting rails with remote controlled soft box
• Retractable pantagraphs
• Paper background holders fitted to one wall
• A 27'' iMAC connected to the Internet
• Quality sound system
• 4 very high sash windows with white or black blinds for daylight
  or mixed daylight use
• Access to ceiling space for overhead photography of products.

For more information or to book the location, contact Andrew Payne.